About Us

Ever had that ‘Thursday’ feeling. You know the one – ‘It’s nearly Friday, the weekend is but a day away. Work is over for another week – now it’s time to play!
Nearly Friday is a company formed with the simple purpose of celebrating the weekend. Our focus is helping people to make the most of those precious hours, with a range of events and innovative products and services.
Whether it’s private time for contemplation you’re after, or a blow-out with friends, it’s your weekend, you can do what you like! The most important thing to us is that you make the most of it and have fun. 
But at the same time, we want people to remember that we are the lucky ones. So while we’re having fun, we want to ensure that we can help support those not so fortunate as well as protect our environment and the animals we share it with. 

Nearly Friday’s business is focused on four main areas: Events management, Product development, Product distribution and Responsible Living.

Nearly Friday